Durham Tech College Performance

In 2010, NCCCS President Scott Ralls established a Performance Measures Committee to develop new performance-based student success measures to go into effect in 2013. While some of the names of the performance measures may resemble those that have been adopted in the past, the descriptions and methodologies highlight distinct improvements including making the measures closely aligned with key initiatives, more focused on student successes, more objective, uniform across colleges, more valid and reliable, and more cohort-based in order to track student success.

One of the outcomes was the establishment of system-wide “baselines” and “goals” for each measure. The committee recommended using consistent, statistically-defined baselines and goals to promote transparency, simplicity, and objectivity. Based on three years of data (where available) for each measure, baselines are initially set two standard deviations below the system mean, and the goals are initially set one standard deviation above the system mean. These baselines and goals are reset every three years. This utilization of baselines and goals is a departure from the System’s historical use of “standards.”

In November 2014, the college adopted a new strategic plan, which affirmed the use of these performance-based student success measures as a means of assessment for student achievement. The college’s first and foremost goal is “all students will succeed.” Evidence of success is determined by performance rates that meet or exceed regional, state, or national averages.

If you have any questions about the new Performance Measures, please email Tina Bryant-Allen, Assistant Vice President, Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning or call 919-536-7249 x2806.

Durham Tech Performance Measures 2018
Performance Measure System Excellence Level System Baseline Average College Percentage Durham Tech Percentage
Basic Skills Progress 68.3% 34.5% 60.1% 51.1%
Credit English Success 55.9% 23.8% 53.0% 55.9%
Credit Math Success 32.5% 10.1% 32.5% 35.9%
First Year Progression 75.0% 54.1% 70.9% 65.1%
Curriculum Completion Rate 51.9% 35.9% 43.4% 44.6%
Licensure Pass Rate 90.9% 69.9% 79.8% 88.9%
Transfer Performance 87.6% 65.1% 83.7% 84.5%

Source: NCCCS Performance Measures for Student Success