Parking at Durham Tech

White Building parking lotEvery vehicle parked on campus must display a valid parking decal. The decal should be placed on the front (left) driver’s side windshield. The decal should face outward, so campus officers and college personnel can view it. Vehicles parked on campus without a current permit will be ticketed and may be towed.

Temporary Permits
Student applicants and other visitors must obtain a temporary visitor’s permit at Campus Police and Public Safety office, located in Building 8. The visitor permit must then be clearly displayed inside the left front windshield of the vehicle.

Student Permits
Parking permits are available at the Campus Police and Public Safety office, located on Main Campus in Building 8, one week prior to the start of classes. Fill out the parking permit/identification card form and bring it to the office along with your driver's license and a copy of your registration/schedule to verify you are enrolled. Parking permits are valid for one year and expire on August 31.

The parking fee for all curriculum students is included in the $46 student administrative fee for each fall and spring semester and $36 student administrative fee for the summer term. Continuing education students pay a college access, parking, and security fee (CAPS) of $4 per class for a maximum of $12 per semester. Students enrolled in classes that have no tuition costs are not required to pay the CAPS fee.

There is a $10 replacement fee for the student ID and a $10 replacement fee for the hanging parking decal.

Hours for Obtaining Parking Decals and ID Cards
Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday: Closed

Students and visitors may use any of the parking spaces in the campus parking lots except those marked No Parking, Loading Zone, Fire Zone, Reserved, etc. parking is not permitted along curbs marked as fire lanes, on the lawn or the sidewalks, in any college driveways, on nearby businesses’ property, or in any manner which blocks or obstructs driveways. Use of more than one parking space per vehicle is not permitted. Faculty and students parking at area hospitals, nursing homes, garages, libraries, child care centers, etc. must comply with the agency’s parking regulations.

Students may have difficulty finding parking spaces at peak class times (weekdays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and between 5:30 and 8 p.m.) Campus maps which indicate parking are available in the Admissions and Campus Police and Public Safety offices and as indicated on the website campus map.

Handicapped Parking Spaces

To use handicapped parking spaces on campus, faculty, staff, and students must have a state-issued handicapped permit. The permit must be issued to the person using it while parking on campus. This must be registered with the Campus Police and Public Safety office at the time a parking permit is obtained or when the state issues the permit.

If using a handicapped parking permit, it should hang facing outward from the rearview mirror inside the vehicle so officers and college personnel can see it. Nothing should be obstructing the permit. The Durham Tech parking permit should be clearly displayed inside the vehicle as well.

Traffic and Parking Violations

A $5 fine will be levied against the owner – faculty, staff, or student for the following:

  • Failure to display a parking decal;
  • Improper display of a parking decal;
  • Failure to display a temporary parking or visitor permit;
  • Displaying an out-of-date decal;
  • Parking in an unauthorized area marked Reserved, Visitors, No Parking, etc.;
  • Parking in a tow-away zone, reserved area, fire lane drive, or handicapped access aisle or on the curb, lawn, or sidewalk, etc. (offense is subject to towing at violator’s expense);
  • Excessive speeding and/or reckless driving;
  • Traveling the opposite direction in a one-way area; and/or
  • Using more than one parking space.

In addition, drivers may receive a North Carolina state citation for parking in a handicapped space without a permit with a fine of $250 and a $110 court cost for a total of $360.

Specific Traffic and Parking Regulations

No motor vehicle, except those owned by the college, may be parked on campus between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless cleared with with Campus Police first.

Motor vehicles parked on campus for more than 48 hours with no contact from the owner(s) to Campus Police will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Faculty, staff, and students with $25 of unpaid parking tickets will have their vehicles towed at the owner’s expense.

Students with unpaid parking ticket(s) will not be allowed to register for classes, graduate, or obtain copies of their college transcripts until the parking ticket(s) are paid in full.

Paying Fines

If you receive a parking citation, take your copy of the citation to the Cashier’s Office (White Building, room 1-159C, 919-536-7201) to pay the fine. You must then bring your payment receipt to the Campus Police and Public Safety office to have the ticket cleared from your record. Students who fail to do so may be prevented from registering for classes, graduating, or obtaining copies of their college transcript. Employees who fail to pay and have their record cleared may be subject to sanctions as outlined in the personnel disciplinary process.

Students and employees issued a parking citation may file an appeal with the college’s Parking Appeals Committee. Review the Parking Citation Appeals procedure.

Questions about parking citations should be directed to Campus Police and Public Safety at 919-536-7255.


Campus Police and Public Safety officers enforce traffic regulations. Vehicles illegally parked or unregistered, as determined by the officers, will be ticketed and are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense by a commercial wrecker service.

Campus Police also enforce all North Carolina traffic laws on campus.

Helpful Hints and Available Assistance

  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Leave them at home or lock them in the trunk.
  • Do not leave your windows cracked or rolled down. This gives people easy access to your vehicle.
  • Be sure to lock your vehicle. Keep a spare key somewhere in case you lock your keys in the vehicle.
    Campus Police and Public Safety officers are not allowed to unlock your vehicle. You will need to call a locksmith.
  • Be sure to turn your headlights off after parking during bad weather. If you have a dead battery, Campus Police and Public Safety officers can assist you with a jump-start.

Campus Police and Public Safety officers are available to serve as escorts to vehicles for anyone who would like to call on them at 919-536-7255, ext. 5500.