Durham Tech Website Accessibility

Durham Tech is committed to providing a usable, functional website experience that is usable and accessible by everyone, regardless of age, ability, or situation, and contains no barriers for users with disabilities.

Durham Tech complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and endorses conformance with WCAG 2.0 Guidelines for accessibility of web-based content.

As part of this pledge to accessibility, users should expect to find the following features on each web page throughout the site:

  • Skip navigation links
  • Tabbable navigation menu
  • Adaptive/responsive page design
  • Appropriate usage of alternative text
  • Semantic HTML
  • Acceptable contrast ratios
  • Video captioning

Please contact us if you cannot access information on this website: email Web support or phone 919-536-7200, ext. 5203.

If you have a disability and need assistance, contact a disability services staff member: email Disability Services or phone 919-536-7200, ext. 7208.

Supported Browsers

We performed extensive testing to ensure usability across a wide range of platforms and devices. However, to maximize your experience, we recommend a modern browser.

Supported desktop browsers:

  • IE9 and newer
  • Chrome 33 and newer
  • Safari 6 and newer
  • Firefox 24 and newer

Supported Mobile:

  • iOS 6 and newer
  • Android 4 and newer

Plug-ins, Applets, and File Viewers

All plug-ins, applets, file viewers, or other applications required by Durham Tech web pages that are not included on a specific page are available as links on this page. These links are to outside sources and Durham Tech does not endorse any of these products; they are listed below for the convenience of our website visitors. Please address questions about the particular plug-in or file viewer to the respective vendor.

Adobe Reader
Use Adobe Acrobat to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
Download Adobe Reader

Microsoft Word
Microsoft offers Word file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have Microsoft Word or have another version of Microsoft Word to open and view Microsoft Word files.
Download Word file viewer

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft offers PowerPoint file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint or have another version of Microsoft PowerPoint to view Microsoft PowerPoint files.
Download PowerPoint file viewer

Google Forms
Google Forms are made accessible to screen readers IF a person using a screen reader turns on Google’s screen reader support. However, the form itself may have issues as describe by WebAim’s Google Forms issues. To turn on screen reader support for Google Forms, press Control + Alt + z (on Windows) or ⌘ + Option + z (on Mac) in your form. Unless you turn off this setting, screen reader support stays on whenever you use Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, or Drawings on the web. The Google support page has more information on how to edit a form with a screen reader.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft offers Excel file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have Microsoft Excel or have another version of Microsoft Excel to view Microsoft Excel files.
Download Excel file viewer

Users of the JAWS screen reader: Please be aware that JAWS is designed to work best with Internet Explorer. If you are using JAWS but have selected to use another browser, JAWS may not be able to take advantage of the accessibility features provided within this application.