CAE Academic Alert

student being tutored Academic Alert tutoring is a one-on-one appointment-based service for students in particular English and math courses.

English courses include DRE 096, DRE 097, DRE 098, and ENG 111.
Math courses include DMS 001, DMS 002, DMS 003, MAT 110, MAT 121, MAT 143, MAT 152, and MAT 171.

If you are currently enrolled in one of these courses, and interested in this service, you should first speak with your instructor, and ask him or her to make an Academic Alert referral to the CAE (See forms below).

While students taking college-level courses (above the 100 level) are not eligible for Academic Alert tutoring, they are encouraged to make use of our extensive drop-in tutoring offerings, listed in the navigation menu to the left.

Steps to Academic Alert Referral

  • The Student Information form can be used by instructors to get a record of the student's most current contact information.
  • The Referral form is completed by a developmental education instructor and is emailed to
  • The Academic Alert tutor contacts the student to set up an appointment.
  • The student attends the appointment and schedules the next tutoring session with the Academic Alert tutor.