Prospective Non-US/International Students

Durham Tech Fall 2018 F-1 visa status students come from 29 countries!

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Admissions Requirements for Those Who Are Not Currently in the US

Durham Tech can only issue I-20s for students who apply to a qualifying program for F-1 students Students must demonstrate adequate evidence of English competency by submitting official TOEFL, IELTS, OR TOEIC scores that meet minimum requirements. Durham Tech is not currently authorized to issue I-20s for English language study only.

Admissions Requirements for F-1 Students Currently in the US

Durham Tech can only issue I-20s for students who apply to a qualifying program for F-1 students once they complete the appropriate admissions checklist below, and meet with a Durham Tech International Student Services staff member. The process can take several months, and there is no guarantee of approval by USCIS (for a change of status) or the US Department of State (for an F-1 visa), so students should start the process early.

Applicants must demonstrate evidence of English competency by: taking the English placement test on a Durham Tech campus or at US institution that offers acceptable placement testing, submitting official college placement tests scores (SAT, ACT, or AP scores), or by providing official transcripts from a US institution for transferable English language credit.

Durham Tech does not assist students who have fallen out of F-1 status with another institution with the Reinstatement process.

How Much Does it Cost for an F-1 Student to Attend?

Students must show proof of financial support in the amount of $23,000 USD (or the equivalent in a foreign currency). This includes the cost of school attendance, books and supplies, and necessary living expenses. The cost of school tuition and fees each semester is about $3,500 USD. F-1 students are considered out of state residents while on the F-1 status, so they must pay at the out-of-state tuition rate.

Do you have scholarships or financial aid?

F-1 status students cannot apply for Federal Financial Aid. After one year of attendance, students can apply for a Durham Tech merit-based scholarships. Visit the Durham Tech Scholarship web page for more information.

A North Carolina Non-Profit Organization can sponsor an F-1 student and pay the student’s tuition at the in-state tuition rate.

Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective F-1 Students

Can I work on campus?

Yes, however there are usually no jobs available. Students should not plan on working on campus to make money for living expenses.

Can I get an I-20 for the English as a Second Language (ESL) program?

No, Durham Tech does not issue I-20’s for ESL classes or Beyond Basic ESL Classes.

Can I get an I-20 for the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program?

No, Durham Tech does not issue an I-20 for EFL only. Students must pursue a program that qualifies for F-1 visa status.

What English Tests do you Accept?

Students applying for an I-20 outside of the US must provide official TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS scores that meets minimum requirements.

Where do I take the placement tests?

Placement tests must be taken at one of the three Durham Tech campuses in North Carolina or at another US institution that offers placement testing accepted by Durham Tech.

Are the reading, writing, and math placement tests the only ones I need to take?

Generally, the reading, writing, and math placement tests (or equivalent) are the only required placement tests. A few programs also require computer competency tests. For more information about placement testing, acceptable alternate tests, or waivers from the test requirements, visit the Placement Tests web pages

Students who are applying for a Health Technologies program will need to meet additional English language requirements. Please see the Health Technologies English Language requirement for additional information.

Do educational documents need to be in English?

If your documents are not in English, you must submit an official English translation completed by a certified translator. Additionally, you will have to submit copy of the original school documents.

Will my previous university credits transfer?

Transfer credit is determined on a course-by-course basis depending on the program of study. All transcripts from non-US institutions must first be professionally evaluated for any transfer credit. View the suggested list of evaluation services. Durham Tech does not accept course credit for English language or literature courses taken at educational institutions outside the United States.

Will you provide housing and transportation?

No, Durham Tech has no dormitories nor provides housing options. Students must make their own living and transportation arrangements. There are some suggestions for local housing and transportation on the resources page.

Do I need health insurance?

Enrollment in a U.S. health insurance policy for international students is highly recommended.

Questions or To Make an Appointment

We are happy to answer any questions!

Call to make an appointment with an Advisor or the Director of International Student Services at 919-536-7200, ext. 3228, or email

Durham Technical Community College is an open-door institution and persons who meet the admissions requirements are usually accepted, although some programs such as Nursing have additional requirements, competitive admissions, and limited enrollment.