Corporate Education Training

What kind of training does your organization need?

Management and Leadership Development

Offerings can be customized and include everything from team leadership to specific training for supervisors. Durham Tech has partnerships with AchieveGlobal® and Developmental Dimensions International (DDI) human resources development programs. Certified facilitators lead these courses. In cooperation with Management Association (AMA), Durham Tech also offers Certificate Programs in Business Management, Human Resources, Quality Improvement, Administrative Assistant, Finance and Accounting, Customer Satisfaction, and Business Communication. Other courses include project management, interviewing skills, building & developing teams, and problem solving.

Interpersonal Skills, Communication and Teamwork

Experienced instructors can offer courses designed to improve basic communication skills, team skills, customer service, business writing and language skills. The demand for Spanish language training has increased tremendously, especially in the areas of healthcare, education, construction, emergency services, and customer service. We can offer short-term job-specific Spanish materials that fit your business.

Employee Health and Safety

Durham Tech offers a wide range of industrial safety and health training programs which can be customized for your particular situation. Staff can assist you in planning training that will meet state and federal requirements and your organization’s needs. Programs include first aid/CPR, PPE, emergency first responder, forklift safety, ergonomics, lab safety, food safety (ServSafe) and10- and 30-hour OSHA Health and Safety training.

Technical Skills

Our Corporate Education staff can work with your organization in planning and customizing training in many technical skill areas. Whether your training needs are in construction, biotechnology, manufacturing techniques, electrical and electronics technology, industrial maintenance, or cleanroom behavior, our instructors can deliver classroom and hands-on training at your site or in specialized training labs on our campus.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

From a basic understanding of quality principles to root cause analysis and process improvement, training can be tailored to your organization and offered onsite for immediate application of knowledge and skills. Programs include lean, Six Sigma, project management, statistical process controls, ISO, and GMP training.

Computer Training

Computer training can be offered at the worksite or at a variety of locations throughout Durham and Orange counties. Training occurs in networked environments with the most recent versions of computer application software. Experienced instructors use hands-on methods to teach PC and software skills that are critical in today’s economy. All levels of training are available.

Commissions – Notary Public

Notary Public training can be held at your location for groups of 10 or more people. This allows you to take advantage of scheduling flexibility and enhanced training.

Workplace Literacy

For local industries and businesses, the college can provide on-site instruction for employees who need to upgrade their skills in reading, math, communication, and other work-related abilities. This customized training may include Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency, English as a Second Language, and other basic job performance skills, depending on the organization’s specific needs.