Orange County Campus Directory

Dial main number 919-536-7238, then extension

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Fax Number 919-536-7297  
Penny Gluck, Executive Dean of Orange County Operations 4202
Linda Chalmers, Administrative Assistant, Corporate Education, Continuing Education, and Public Safety Services 4203
Iesha Cleveland, Director, Orange County Student Services 4201
Judy Graham, Program Specialist, Public Safety Services 4205
Jaclyn Krohn, Director 4203
Eliza Murphy, Academic Advisor/Instructor, College Success 4227
Leah Tilden, EMS Extension Coordinator 4207
Dr. Dorothy Wood, Instructor, Biology/Microbiology 4225
Emergency Medical Science Program 4205
Library 4211  
Security Office 5501  

Orange County Skills Development Center

Main Number 969-3032, ext. 229