After registering… what's next?

You've registered and paid for a credit online course... now what? Don't wait around for the first day of classes!

Begin these steps now, so you'll be prepared for online learning:

  1. Activate your ConnectMail account – and check it regularly! You are required to use this email account for your online classes. Your instructor will most likely email you at your ConnectMail address a week or two before classes begin with important details about the class.
  2. Find out the start date for your online class. The start date is listed on the course schedule.
  3. Visit the Orientation page to find out if your course orientation will be on campus or online.
    • If your course has an on-campus orientation, mark your calendar and be sure to attend!
    • If your course has an online orientation, log in to Sakai on the first day of class to begin the orientation assignment.

    Questions? Contact your instructor. Your instructor’s email address can be found on the Orientation page.

  1. Before your class start date, complete the Sakai Tour, to learn how to log in to Sakai and access your course materials.

NOTE: Your courses will not be visible on Sakai until the first day of class!

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