Facility Services Department

General Information and Guidelines for Procedures

Emergency Requests

The following types of events would be considered emergencies and should be directly called in to ext. 6213 or ext. 6206 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or ext. 5555 after 5 p.m.: safety items, issues related to disability (ADA), running water, sewer back-up, and computer lab temperature above 80 degrees. All other events will normally be handled as routine maintenance and service.

Equipment/Furniture Moves

Approved Work Order Request forms are submitted to the Facility Services Department listing the equipment/furniture to be moved to include description, equipment inventory number(s), and/or make and model number(s) if applicable. Also indicate if phone(s) and/or computer(s) are to be included in the move. Scheduling and manpower allocation requires a five workday advance notice for moves and office setups. A signature is requested when items are picked up and also upon delivery to new location.

Equipment Surplus/Sale

To surplus equipment, it is necessary to complete both the Work Order Request form and the Request to Surplus/Sale Equipment form. Send the completed form to the Facility Services surplus equipment coordinator at Building 7. The equipment will be scheduled for pickup and removed by Facility Services. Signatures are requested whenever equipment is moved. If new equipment is replacing current equipment, documentation relative to disposition of equipment can be noted on a Work Order Request form and forwarded to the surplus equipment coordinator.

Disposition of items through surplus is requested by the surplus equipment coordinator; acknowledged by the Facility Services surplus equipment coordinator and the Business Office auxiliary services director; and approved by the director of Facility Services and the chief financial officer. Items are removed from inventory once an item is received by State Surplus Property and/or sold through approved surplus contractors.

Paper and Lab Products

Requests for printer, copy paper, and lab products are submitted on the Work Order Request form and must include the account code, quantity, type of product, and delivery date requested.

Room and Special Set-ups

The Work Order Request form should detail the requirements. Please note: Scheduling and manpower allocation requires five workdays advance notice for moves, special events, and set-ups.

Routine Maintenance and Service

The Facility Services Department provides maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping, shipping/receiving, and mail services for the college facilities in both Durham and Orange counties. The college facilities include both buildings and grounds that are maintained through local county funding and operated following local building and fire codes.

Requests for maintenance or service are compiled in a computerized maintenance management system. This system generates work orders for our technicians or outside contractors describing the necessary activity and can record the results once the task is completed. A Work Order Request form is shown in the forms section which is emailed to Facility Services by the Building Captains. Please follow the instructions noted on the Work Order Request form.

Please note: Requests for door and cabinet keys should be sent directly to Campus Police and Public Safety for their action.

Work Requests

A Work Order Request form may be completed by any employee but the request may only be submitted by Building Coordinators via the K1000 work order system. If you wish to use the Work Order Request form to alert your Building Captain of a needed service/repair, please follow these instructions:

  1. Save the Work Order Request form to your desktop before you begin to fill it in.

  2. Fill in the request date, event date (if applicable), initiator’s name and contact information, and all pertinent details including the location and description of the service/repair needed. If possible, please also indicate the time(s) the affected room will be available. Any necessary supplements (i.e., a room diagram with preferred layout/arrangement) should accompany the request form.

  3. Email the completed Work Order Request form and any supporting documentation to designated your Building Captain, who will review/approve and submit it via the K1000 system.

Please be sure to submit your request to your Building Captain at least ten (10) working days before service is needed. Requests related to events should be submitted to your Building Captain at least seven (7) working days in advance.