Viva the Arts

The Durham Tech Foundation and the Vive/Viva the Arts Committee have continued their tradition of bringing inspiring cultural programs to the college and community by sponsoring the following events:

Brazilian Capoeira Dance Performance

three male performers practice back flips on the beachOctober 30, 2017
Capoeira is a Brazilian art form developed by enslaved Africans during Brazilian colonization. It encompasses dance, music, expressive movements, drama, martial arts and philosophy. It is a non-verbal discourse experienced through songs, movements, rhythms and rituals of the capoeira dance/game.

Sister Cities Youth International Art Exhibition

art image of space travel October 10 – October 13, 2017
The exhibit will be traveling around the United States from Sept, 2017–May, 2018, and we are fortunate to to have the display in Durham in October.

Student Art Exhibition

student artwork displayed in library window April 23 – May 5, 2017
The second art exhibition by students in the Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) program.

Breach of Peace Play

Mike Wiley standing in front of images of 11 freedom ridersApril 20, 2017
Actor Mike Wiley performed this solo-play based on true accounts of surviving participants of the 1961 Freedom Rides as well as other individuals involved in the early struggle for African-American equality.

Holiday Card art Contest

artwork of a child putting a small, wrapped gift on the edge of a bird house Fall 2016
Student original artwork was featured on the College’s official 2016 holiday card. The contest wass open to any enrolled student who was currently taking or had previously taken art classes at Durham Tech. Ryann Carey was the winner with her artwork Simple Gifts.

Art Exhibition

Student Exhibition, artwork by Durham Tech students April 16 – May 6, 2016
The first art exhibition by students in the new Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) program.

Spoonface Steinberg

Spoonface Steinbers by Lee Hall March 3, 2016
The author of Billy Elliot, Lee Hall, brings us a much different tale – the story of a 12 year old autistic girl, attempting to navigate the perilous waters of modern day life while dealing with an even more catastrophic, life-threatening illness.

Dar He: The Story of Emmett Till

Mike Wiley acting in the play April 9, 2015
Mike Wiley transforms himself into more than 20 different characters during this powerful 50 minute performance.

The Bull City Slam Team Poetry Slam

Bull City Slam Team  logo December 2, 2014 and April 10, 2014
Durham Tech students watched and judged the poetry slam competititon.

Burning Coal Theatre Company’s Touring Performance of The Tempest

The Tempest March 18 , 2014
Faculty, staff, students, and the public are invited to the Burning Coal Theatre stage adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Three actors. On a table. Betrayed by his own brother and cast to sea as for dead, Prospero and his daughter Miranda discover an island of magic and light. But as Prospero harnesses the magic of his new ’kingdom’, his humanity diminishes. When his brother sails nearby, he uses the magic he has learned to create a shipwreck that will bring him face to face with those who have betrayed him … and allow him to discover once and for all if he is the man he thinks he is.

American Promise

American Promise February 2014
The Vive/Viva the Arts committee and the Durham Tech Debate team are presenting six film screenings of the documentary film American Promise for Black history month.

Spanning 13 years, American Promise follows Idris, and his best friend, Seun, as they make their way through one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Idris’ parents Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson, middle-class African-American filmmakers, chronicle the boys’ divergent paths from kindergarten through high school graduation at Manhattan’s Dalton School. This provocative, intimate documentary presents complicated truths about America’s struggle to come of age on issues of race, class, and opportunity.

Jen McConnel

Jen McConnel February 26, 2014
Developmental English and Reading instructor Jen McConnel who has published novels in both print and e-book formats. She will share her experiences with writing and publishing and will answer questions. Her most recent novel, The Secret of Isobel Key, was published in December 2013 by Bloomsbury Spark.