First-Year Experience (FYE)

Welcome to the First-Year Experience at Durham Tech!

At Durham Tech, we want your first experiences at college to help you build the strong foundation you need to create the successful future you want. Some students are planning to complete a credential at Durham Tech and then move on to a career, while others plan to move on to a senior institution to complete a baccalaureate degree. Some students are just here to complete a few classes before moving into another phase of their education or career. Still other students aren’t quite sure what their plans are. Durham Tech’s FYE program is here to help all students!

Durham Tech’s FYE program includes a ConnectSession, Durham Tech's student orientation; the ACA 122 College Success course; FYE workshops throughout the school year; and a lot of local, national, and web-based resources to help you get on track to …

Do great things.

Osiris RankinGreetings from a former student.

I was your student for ACA 122 in the Fall semester of 2010. It was my first semester of coming back to school, and things could've very much gone either way at that point. Fortunately for me, I took the course seriously, and I learned.

Learning and test taking come easy for me, but organization, time management, and planning are skills I've long struggled with, so the lessons I learned in your class (and have since built upon) were vital to my success.

Since my time at Durham Tech, I've gone on to study psychology at UNC Chapel Hill. I worked as a peer tutor (to other community college transfer students) and a peer mentor. I also worked in a research lab where we studied how peer influence, status, and victimization are related to health behaviors. At UNC, I did well enough to get into Phi Beta Kappa, and I graduated with highest distinction. I also was fortunate enough to study abroad prior to my graduation.

But, what compelled me to write you is that I wanted to let you know that I've been applying to graduate schools. I applied to 13 graduate schools, and I only got into one. It's Harvard, though, so that makes it ok. I'll be studying clinical psychology at Harvard University under the direction of Dr. Matthew Nock. This is a huge opportunity, and I'm a little nervous, but I'm also super excited.

In order to reach these goals, organization was hugely important — as was goal setting and many of the other lessons that we went over in your class.

Thanks again for your support. It really did make a difference.

Best wishes,
Osiris Rankin
Class of 2012