Dialysis Technician Frequently Asked Questions

This 132-hour course is designed to prepare individuals with theoretical, technical and clinical skills needed to maintain equipment and provide patient care to those being treated for chronic renal diseases. Class format includes lecture, lab and clinical activities. After successful completion of this course, students will have the opportunity to work in hospitals, renal dialysis facilities, clinics and other health care settings. After one year of work experience, students may sit for national certification as a Clinical Hemodialysis Technician. Students in this course are required to have a background check and drug screening. If there are any discrepancies with either the background check and/or drug screen the clinical site has the right to refuse any student and at that time the student will be dropped from the program. Malpractice insurance is required and the fees are included in the registration fees for this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to register for this program?

  • Completed Durham Tech Continuing Education registration form
  • Proof of high school diploma or high school equivalency.
  • One of the following:
    • NCDAP Reading/English score of 136 or COMPASS Reading placement score of 70 or better (within the last five years).
    • Proof of successful completion of Reading 80 or 90, or DRE 097, or EFL 073
    • Transcript showing successful completion of a college-level English course (ENG 111 or higher)
  • College graduates only need to provide proof of degree/diploma.
  • Registration fee

Why do I have to take the NCDAP test?

The NCDAP is used to demonstrate your college reading level. A score of 136 or higher on the NCDAP test is required for acceptance into the course.

Do I need to submit an official transcript?

No. Unofficial transcripts are accepted. If you are a Durham Tech student, please get your transcript from the Student Information and Records Office at least one day prior to submitting your paperwork.

When can I register for the course?

You may register once the schedule is posted on the Durham Tech website or you receive the schedule of courses in the mail.

Is there a required textbook?

Yes. Core Curriculum for the Dialysis Technician, 6th edition, ISBN: 9781937886059.

Is a criminal background check and drug test required?

Yes. Criminal background checks and drug screens will be provided by the Dialysis Clinical Sites during the clinical training portion of the course. Please do not obtain either of these on your own.

Investigation/screening results are checked by the dialysis clinical site and Durham Tech does not receive the specifics if there is a denial. The program coordinator of the Durham Tech dialysis program is notified by the dialysis clinic if the clinic elects to deny the student access to their clinical site for training based on the results. If this situation occurs, the student will be dropped from the course.

What other documents are required for the program?

Students must provide proof of the following:

  • Negative Tuberculosis (TB) Skin test or a negative chest x-ray within six months of the first day of class
  • Students testing Positive for TB must obtain a Chest x-ray stating that they are free of Tuberculosis. If the student has previously been vaccinated with BCG and has a positive result they must receive the two–step TB test.
  • Hepatitis B immunity through vaccination (3 doses), documented proof or sign a waiver for the Hepatitis B immunization series). Every student has to have: Blood Titer testing for Hepatitis B: Antigen, and a Hepatitis C Status titer If the Hepatitis B titer is less than 10, the student will have to have a Hepatitis B booster vaccine.
  • Influenza vaccine (if during the flu season)

What equipment and supplies are required?

  • Uniforms for clinicals – Hunter green scrub top and pants, white lab coat, white shoes with closed toe, above the ankle white socks
  • Goggles or face shield
  • Math calculator
  • Watch with a second hand
  • Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope
  • Note book and pens

When may I test for the National Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician Exam and what is the cost?

After you have worked as a hemodialysis technician for 6 months and/or 1,000 hours, you may apply to take the exam. You are required to provide your supervisor’s signature and the name of the facility you are employed by. Your Durham Tech Dialysis Technician clinical course hours count towards the required hours worked. The cost of the CCHT-An exam is $250. The test contains 150 questions and must be completed in 180 minutes. A correct response rate of no less than 70 percent is required to pass the exam. Contact your clinical site for more information about testing.

How much does the program cost?

  • Registration fee: $264.25
  • Equipment and uniform: $80
  • Textbook: $31 with shipping
  • TB skin test: $21
  • Total estimated costs*: $396.25

*Fees may vary

What forms of payment are accepted?

  • American Express, Visa, Master Card, or Discover
  • Personal or company check
  • Money order
  • Third-Party authorization letter
  • Cash (accepted only at the Cashier’s Office, White 81, Main Campus)

Is this program eligible for financial aid?

This program qualifies for financial aid.

What is the process if an agency (vocational rehabilitation, JOCCA, or WIOA) is paying for my course and/or books?

You must provide a copy of the authorization to pay letter from the agency along with your registration form. Registrations are not accepted if we do not have the letter of authorization. If you are receiving assistance for your books, you will also need to submit an authorization to pay letter to the Durham Tech Bookstore.

What if I still have questions?

Durham Tech staff are happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in registering for the Dialysis Technician program. For additional information, call 919-536-7222, ext. 4313.