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NEW Spring 2019! Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Certification Program

two students take close look at manufacturing machinery The AC/DC Electricity Fundamentals, Level 1 course is the first of six applied technical competencies towards learning the skills and knowledge to obtain the FESTO Industry 4.0 Certification. This classroom and lab course Provides students with valuable technical learning skills needed to prepare students for advanced manufacturing (Levels 2 and 3) environments, including installation, maintenance, programming and troubleshooting of Industrial Electrical & Control systems to succeed in today’s modern (IIoT) manufacturing plants. Course Topics include theory and exciting labs on Electrical Terms & Circuits, Ohm’s and Coulomb’s Laws, Kirchhoff’s Laws of Series & Parallel Circuits, troubleshooting faults in Electrical circuits, Control Relays and Electromagnetism. Students must have working knowledge of basic math and computer skills. 168 Hours. $185.

Textbook: Electricity 1: Devices, Circuits, and Materials, 10th Edition, Thomas Kubala, ISBN-13: 978-1111646691
Lab Manuals: FESTO Didactic DC Circuit Fundamentals Student Manual 20316-00 (English) and FESTO Didactic AC Circuit Fundamentals Student Manual 20317-00 (English)

This course qualifies for financial assistance.

65978 TWTh 2/5–4/25 4–8 p.m. NDC January 29 registration deadline

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