Small Business Center Courses

Presented within a classroom environment, these hands-on courses offer a wide range of specific small business topics, along with the opportunity to apply this new information immediately. Courses are held at Durham Tech’s Small Business Center, located in the SOUTHBank Building in Durham or at the Orange County Campus in Hillsborough.

Registration is required for all courses and must be completed by the Thursday of the week prior to the start of each course. If registration enrollment is low, classes may be canceled.

NOTE: Social Media for Entrepreneurs is a 5-part course that will cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Instruction will focus solely on one social media platform each class day, beginning with Facebook on the first day. Once you register for this course, you will be instructed on all the listed topics. Save by registering for this 5-part course versus each topic separately. ($199 for this 5-part course versus $245 if register for each topic separately).

If you prefer to take just one or two of the course topics, you may register individually for the courses.

Entrepreneur In Action: From Idea to Implementation (Part I)

Students will led by an instructor through the ideation and beginning development portions of the business planning process to their business ideas which will result in the well thought out basic strategic marketing, organization, and operations plans. 15 hours $75

64565 M 11/5–12/3 6:30–8:30 p.m. OCC 109