Science and Engineering Club

What is the Science and Engineering Club? Well, that's hard to pin down.

  1. Science Club at a climbing wallThe first rule of the Science and Engineering Club is that you don't talk about Science and Engineering so I'm going to move on.
  2. The second rule of Science and Engineering is to make friends and have fun. Many students wait until they transfer to join clubs and make friends. We at Science and Engineering think that is terrible. Why would you want to put your life on hold when you could be having fun now?
  3. The Science and Engineering Club does what the group wants to do. Members influence our focus. If you have a project you want to try out, bring your plans and we'll help you. If you have a place you want to visit, pick out a date and we'll go. If you have a goal you want to meet, we're there to support you. In the past we have gone white water rafting; hosted a talk on paranormal activity; learned to box and play rugby; made a potato cannon; visited a conference in Washington DC; and built a raft out of odds and ends we got at the Scrap Exchange.
  4. The Science and Engineering Club loves service! We've won two community service awards and we make an effort to help out wherever we can. We've built a nature trail at Durham Tech, made a compost bin for the community garden, raised money for Relay for Life, and contributed hundreds of hours to community service.
  5. Science Club hiking a riverThe environment is very important to us too. We love hiking and camping so protecting our natural environments and conserving resources makes a lot of sense.
  6. You don't need to be a science major or "good at science" to join. Our members are from all over campus. They have full-time jobs, families, full class loads, and other time commitments. Having a social outlet lowers your stress levels and increases productivity. (Now that's science.)
  7. Free snacks.
  8. It looks good on a résumé. How many students from Durham Tech do you think have your GPA and want to go to the school you want to go to? Having leadership experiences on your résumé looks good.


We meet every Wednesday, 2–3 p.m. in Collins 222. No science experience is necessary! Everyone is welcome!
Contact advisor: Julie Hoover 919-536-7223, ext. 8021 if you have questions. Otherwise, just show up!