Science Seminars

All seminars begin at 3:30 pm in the Collins Building, room 2-178 (auditorium)
Pre-seminar refreshments will be provided in the lobby at 3:15 p.m. (Please remember no food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium)

Wednesday, November 14

Christine Darden, Ph.D.
Retired from NASA Langley Research Center

Read the article Christine Darden Is One of NASA’s ‘Hidden Figures’

Past Science Seminar Topics

Fighting Infections with Chemistry: Basic Science Drives Drug Discovery

Weird Tales of Spider Sex. When your mate would rather eat you than greet you.

Global Healthcare: They will speak about their efforts towards improving healthcare in resource-limited locations.

Microbial Community Composition and Structure in Environmental Samples

Harry Potter and the Genetics of Wizarding

The Impact of 50,000 Seagulls on Nutrient Loading to Jordan Lake

Genetic Engineering in the Zika Mosquito

Engineered Tissues and Organs: The Confluence of Biomedicine and Manufacturing Technologies

Experimental Models Used to Predict Compound Activity in Human Skin

The CRISPR craze: from adaptive immunity to the genome editing revolution

Exploring the primate skin microbiome with citizen scientists

Gut Feelings for Eating Disorders: The Role for Intestinal Microbiota in Anorexia Nervosa

Environmental and Health Impacts of Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Peruvian Amazon

Giving Sea Turtles a Second Chance with Reconstructive Surgery

Drinking Water Treatment: What Happens from Source to Tap

Cancer Immunotherapy

The Science of Smell

Understanding of Functional Textiles and High Strength Fibers

The Buzz about Bees and Social Entrepreneurship

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