Community Engagement: Student Clubs

Student Clubs provide a great opportunity for students to become involved in service. In addition to serving unmet needs in Durham and Orange counties, students may provide service through student clubs and reap the following benefits:

  • Experience a less intimidating initiation into service since students serve alongside fellow club members;
  • Find a way to learn more about professions and to practice aspects of chosen fields, which is especially helpful for career clubs and program-specific activities;
  • Develop an outlet for natural talents and interests, such as Science Club members helping with building a nature trail; and
  • Enjoy hanging out with friends and fellow students while also helping our community.

Student Club Competition

Each year, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Student Senate, two $500 awards will be given to the two student clubs with the most service hours. The competition will have two categories, with the club accruing the most hours in each category receiving the awards:

Category 1: Student clubs with 10 or more members
Category 2: Student clubs with fewer than 10 members.

Hours spent in direct service and indirect service activities will all count toward the competition. Direct service hours would include hours volunteered at or for an organization. For example, the Science Club built a compost bin for Briggs Avenue Community Garden, so the hours spent constructing the bin count. Indirect service hours include time spent organizing and executing service and/or making collections. For example, a club organizes a canned food drive; so all hours spent creating fliers, setting up collection bins, organizing the cans, and delivering them to the non-profit organization count.

How to Log Student Hours

Clubs may use the Volunteer Log to track community service hours. The method for logging club hours is the same as logging individual hours, however students will need to note their club affiliation if they wish to have the hours counted towards a club total.

Advisors will not track community service hours for club members, so students are strongly encouraged to track their hours on a regular basis. Students will be credited for serving as individuals and with clubs, so there is no need to double track in order to be considered for service awards.

Email for more information or to schedule a time for the Volunteer Services Coordinator to visit your club meeting to discuss opportunities to serve.