Emergency Financial Assistance Program

At Durham Tech, we understand that students may struggle from time to time to pay their expenses. Unexpected situations may make it difficult for you to progress satisfactorily toward completion of your academic and career goals.

Durham Tech’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program is here to help. Please review the eligibility criteria below and talk with us about your needs; we want to help you be successful. Students who qualify are limited to one grant while enrolled at Durham Tech.

To be eligible to apply for assistance, you must meet the following criteria:

  • be enrolled in classes in an eligible curriculum program or approved Continuing Education certificate course at the time of funding request;
  • meet satisfactory academic record;
  • if applicable, have a verifiable address; (the address in Student Information Record must be the address where student is requesting assistance)
  • have a copy of current rent/mortgage, bills, etc. Rent or mortgage requests must include la ate notice from the landlord/management company or mortgage company;
  • currently experiencing an unforeseen financial emergency;
  • be at risk of being unable to continue in school due to an emergency;
  • be willing to speak with a program administrator about your request; and
  • be willing to meet with a financial coach. Email Bridget Tate or call 646-810-4050, ext. 144 to make an appointment. Read more about financial coaching.

Please note: Checks are not made out to students (no exceptions). Allow 2-3 days for processing of requests.

Assistance is granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability or national origin.

If you believe you may be a candidate for emergency assistance, you are invited to complete an application (login using your ConnectMail username and password) or speak with the program administrator, Ms. Karen Mosley-Lyon, in the Counseling Office, Wynn 10-209. If you complete the application first, you will be contacted to schedule a meeting.

Tonya Brookshire was almost at the finish line. She was planning to move into a new apartment a few weeks before graduating from the Clinical Trials Research Certificate program at Durham Tech when she got the bad news. She lost her temporary job and her apartment complex had already agreed to rent her former apartment, forcing Brookshire out. "In the meantime, I had two weeks left of school and I was scheduled to graduate in early May," she said. "The program helped me tremendously by paying for an extended stay hotel for me for two weeks until my classes ended." Brookshire is job hunting and back living in Chicago. She didn’t have any relatives in Durham and her church family couldn’t assist with her housing. She doesn’t know what she would have done without the help. "I am truly grateful for the program, and because of it I was able to concentrate on studying for finals, rather than thinking about how I was going to pay for housing," she said.
Stephanie Lee was up against a wall. The single mom and Durham Tech nursing student was in “dire straits,” she said, after a recent living situation put her in a tight financial spot. "With a program as rigorous as Nursing, I have been restricted in the number of hours that I could work a week at my job at the hospital," she said. Dreamkeepers kept her dream afloat. Lee has one year to go on her nursing degree at Durham Tech. Then, she hopes to move directly into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and work on a unit at UNC Hospitals, where she currently works. "Eventually, I want to pursue a Masters in Nursing and teach future nursing students," she said. Now she’s one step closer.