Preparing for the Test

It is very important that you study for your placement test. We recommend spending at least two hours reviewing each test area – writing, reading, and math. By obtaining a better score, you will have more class options and can get a head start towards achieving your academic goals.

The North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NCDAP) test taken at Durham Tech may be completed only once within a 12–month period. Students are eligible for retest if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students may retest if their scores are over five years old.
  • Within the five-year limit, students may take the NCDAP if they previously tested with one of the other instruments.
  • Students may retest once on the NCDAP-Math if they earn a score of 6 on a module.
  • Students may retest once on the NCDAP-Reading/English within a 12-month period; however, priority is given to first-time testers.

Test Option 1

Developmental Math Modules

  • Can be taken one time only – unless a score of a 6 is achieved on any module
  • Allow 2.5 hours or more for this test
  • Untimed, 72 questions (12 questions per module)
    • DMA 010 Operations with Integers
    • DMA 020 Fractions and Decimals
    • DMA 030 Proportions/Ratios/Rates/Percentages
    • DMA 040 Expressions, Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities
    • DMA 050 Graphs and Equations of Lines
    • DMA 060 Polynomials and Quadratic Applications
    • DMA 070* Rational Expressions and Equations
    • DMA 080* Radical Expressions and Equations

    * These modules are not offered in testing. Students who need MAT 171 or above must show proficiency in DMA 060 or complete DMA 060, 070 and 080

  • Required to answer 7 out of 12 questions correctly to show proficiency
  • No personal calculators (test provides calculator access for questions as test deems necessary)

Test Option 2

Developmental Essay/Reading/Writing

  • Can be taken twice within a 12-month period
  • Allow 2.5 hours or more for this test
  • Timed 90-minute essay
  • Untimed 30 multiple choice questions for reading comprehension
  • Untimed 20 multiple choice questions for revising and editing writing

Prepare for the NC DAP Math and Essay/Reading/Writing exams

Several online resources are available including a practice test, an iPhone app and web app that can be viewed on our computer or mobile device.

Accuplacer NCDAP Diagnostic and Placement Test Sample Questions (pdf): website from the creator of the NCDAP Math and Essay/Reading/Writing tests. You can also take practice tests online in a free account.

Practice questions and review material can also be found on the following websites: