Durham Tech Website Redesign: What You Need to Know

home page screen of new website with an banner image of a student wearing goggles in chemistry lab

GET STARTED is as easy as it looks: Whether you’re a current or prospective student, use the “Get Started” section to quickly find your program of interest.

Get Started feature has three dropdowns asking information about college objective and area of interest

FOUR HOMEPAGE FUNCTIONS you’ll definitely need: If you want to apply to Durham Tech, chat with someone in our Connect Center, have a question about Financial Aid, or simply want to request information about a specific program, you’ll find these four go-to functions easily accessible on each webpage.

tabs displayed on banner include apply, chat, financial aid, and request information

CLEARLY DISPLAYED TABS in the header of each page: Easily navigate through the entire site with this unchanging header on each page.

navigation menu has multiple links

NEWS AND EVENTS are now more visible: Stay up-to-date with all things Durham Tech midway down the homepage. All news releases, stories, and current events will be updated in real time.

image of news and events section from the home page

CREDIT AND NONCREDIT COURSES now searchable together: You can now search for credit and noncredit courses on the same page. Simply click on the “Courses” tab at the top of each page.

courses page showing search feature and list of courses

CURRENT STUDENTS PAGE Displays 6 Essential Functions:If you’re a current student, you’ll be able to easily access the resources you need and stay better informed about events, news, and announcements that impact and interest you.

current student page with large buttons for key links

NEW PROGRAMS AND CAREERS pages:Explore your interests while seeing up-to-date information about salaries, job outlooks, and future growth.

program page with images and links for areas of interest examples of career snapshots